Get to Know Us

Photograph of Shelly and her family on the farm

Meet Your Bee Expert

Shelley has been caring for Honey bees since the 90s when she attended the University of Guelph to get her undergraduate degree in biological science.  As part of her degree Shelley studied every Honey bee course available at the University, she was a member of the UofG apiculture club and is a published author in the Canadian Bee Journal. Since then, Shelley has taken numerous Honey bee courses and is a Certified Bee Master.  Shelley has also learned from plenty of amazing bee mentors but she happily admits to still be learning about the magical mysteries of the Honey bee.

Farm Life

Shelley and her family run a small farm in Aldergrove, British Columbia.  They love and appreciate the hardworking bees and have tenderly cared for them here in the Fraser Valley since 2006.  On their property they cultivate a diverse garden of non-sprayed and wild floral nectar and pollen sources for their bees. The bees are managed as close to organic as is possible and their honey is collected only from their surrounding area.  Their bees don’t go into commercial pollination contracts where they could collect nectar from plants that are sprayed.

Shelley is a wife and a mother and a huge animal lover, she has recently added pastured heritage chickens and Muscovy ducks to the yard. Look forward to eggs being available for purchase!