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What people are saying

"I did the practical 'hands on' course with Shelley and found it really beneficial. We would meet monthly to go through the theory and then work with the bees in her own apiary. We would learn all the aspects of the apiary and bee keeping; installations, inspections, treatments, maintenance, harvesting, extraction. I highly recommend the hands on course and for sure I will do this again to recap."
Ian Karpinski
"The course was fantastic. It was a small group meeting in her apiary learning the basics of what we needed to know to start on our own. 7 years later I am still beekeeping. Her honey is pretty tasty too!"
Katherine Gray
Shelley's courses are so much fun, I learned so much and I would recommend them to anyone interested in learning about beekeeping.
Diane Stewart
I am a blueberry farmer and I use Shelley's consulting service. She is always ready to head over and make sense of what is going on in my hives.
Don Wrightman